Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: 5 Steps To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Waking up with the presence of welts on any part of your body could an indication of the existence of bed bugs, those are parasitic creatures that arise at night to feast on human blood. Probably, you have picked them up at a restaurant, the hotel or even at the movie theatre; they can sneak anywhere. But, you have to get those bugs out of your home.

Here is what you should do; take a breath first, then follow the items below to figure out how to send them out.

getting rid of bedbugs

Prepare for Bug Treatment

Before treating your bed bug problems, you should prepare the areas where bed bugs are present, as well as the walls of the ravaged rooms. Meaning, remove anything in the area that you want to treat and cover all items that you need to remove in plastic bags before proceeding to the next room to prevent any hidden bed bug from infesting the other rooms.

Also, remove any art or paintings from the walls. Again, make sure to check thoroughly everything that is excluded from the room to prevent those parasites from transferring.

Wash Everything on High Temperature

Wash all clothing and bedding at high temperatures, and keep them in bins or plastic bags to prevent re-infestation. You can use the dry clean instead if there are items that can’t afford to do the laundry by yourself. Also, you can sanitize them by putting them in the dryer for at least 15 minutes on high heat temperature.

Depending on how serious the infestation is, and even the bed bugs are gone, you may have to wash everything for at least once a week for several months.

Plus, don’t forget to treat the laundry area with a sanitizing cleaner once to prevent infestation in your laundry room. Moreover, include the soft toys but make sure to keep them inside the pillowcase when washing them to avoid any damage to their fur.

Vacuum and Treat

Work your vacuum inside the bed frame, under your bed, over your mattress, along with your headboard and even baseboards. Be careful in all holes and cracks where eggs, bed bugs, and other hiding parasites, then dispose of your vacuum pack outside in your trash receptacle.

Further, wrap your mattress in specially designed, bed bug-proof cases. These encasements will prevent bed bugs from hiding and build nests in your bed.

Lastly, scrub and spray all hard surfaces such as baseboards, bed frames, headboards, floors and even cabinets, with a disposable rag or brush and special sprays to treat bed bugs. Make sure to read all ingredients and instructions to make sure you eliminate bed bugs as well as their eggs.

Furthermore, remember that some formulas may need multiple treatments and could be harmful to your pets and children.

Have a Room Makeover

Another thing to consider, try using dryer sheets on your mattress and put them on the mattress and the box spring. Place at least eight more of these sheets on the cushion under your bed sheets; the strong scent of the dryer sheets will push the bed bugs rushing.

Addition, you can stuff a dryer sheet inside your dresser drawers, linen closet, and pillowcase. Furthermore, you can use the lavender-scented dryer sheets, since bed bugs hate the smell of lavender.

On the other hand, get some non-permeable pillow covers mattress which is available from Deal Wiki and other stores. These covers are unique since they don’t have any crannies and other seams for bed bug’s hideout. Also, they are easy to keep bed bugs from infesting your mattress and pillows.

Install Bug Interceptors

Lastly, you can purchase bug interceptors, and place them under the feet of your bed frame. These items will prevent the pests from creeping toward your bed. Alternatively, get some dishes or plastic bowls, and install them beneath the base of your bed. Then, fill them with foamy water to drown parasites who try to climb up to your bed.


Bed bugs are annoying pests and getting rid of them is challenging since they hide well and they can quickly reproduce. Also, their egg is immune to some forms of treatment, so a single trial may not be enough to complete the task. But, if you will follow the steps above, eventually you can send those bed bugs away, and bring back your peaceful night sleep.

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